ASN – Advance Shipping Notice

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Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)

The Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) module in Vendora, vendor management software is designed to simplify the process of receiving goods from vendors. This module enables businesses to automate the process of receiving ASN information from vendors, which includes information about the shipment of goods, such as expected delivery times, quantities, and tracking information.

SBenefits of Ticketing System:

Automated ASN Creation

The module allows vendor to create and send ASN information to businesses automatically. This can include information such as the type of shipment, carrier information, expected delivery times, and other relevant information.

ASN Validation and Management

The module provides tools to validate ASN information and manage any discrepancies that arise. This includes features such as automated ASN validation rules, dispute resolution workflows, and communication with vendors.

Integration with Procurement Systems

The ASN module integrates seamlessly with the company’s procurement systems, allowing for efficient management of orders, invoices, and payments.

Reporting and analytics

The module provides reporting and analytics tools to help businesses track performance metrics related to the receipt of goods from vendors. This can include features such as shipment volume, delivery times, and vendor performance metrics.

Advantages of ASN to both Buyers & Vendors

Using Vendor’s ASN module helps vendor and buyer to be known of their shipment, it can increase the visibility for buyers and helps vendors better plan and improve their supply chain efficiency, reduce errors, and provide better customer service.

  • Streamlined Communication: With an ASN, vendors can provide buyers with detailed information that reduces the dependency on email & phone calls. This gives more accurate delivery estimates and tracking information. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Order Visibility: With real-time information of the incoming shipments buyer can plan their production schedules more efficiently.
  • Reduces Errors: ASN-based shipping eliminates human-errors like confusing variants of similarly titled items. In such case, the time that is saved and this always stays as an add-on.
  • Improves Receipt Accuracy: ASNs can prevent cross-checking errors and speed up the entire receiving process. Assists buyers to match the information captured from a pallet to ASN data, and then catch if any potential discrepancies.
    • Overall, a potent ASN module in vendor management software can help businesses improve the efficiency of their procurement operations, reduce the time and effort required to manage incoming .