Supply Chain Made Faster & Better

The requirements for information transparency, symmetric real-time data, on-going communication traceability are enabled with the below listed features. To execute business effectively install Vendora User friendly Vendor Management Software solution and seamlessly connect with your third – party suppliers. With Vendor portal you can streamline interactions, automate all core business processes and document management activities that are complex when tracked manually using spreadsheets.

Vendor On-boarding

Buyers can intimate the forecast to vendors and get confirmation.


Manage Purchase Orders

Vendor can view the purchase orders & he can either confirm or reject.

Advance Shipping Notice

Upon shipment, Vendor can share ASN to buyers on the fly, with logistic details.

Quality Inspection

Quality check for both raw materials and finished goods can be captured.

Invoice Tracking

Vendor can create invoice on uploading mandatory documents, and get to know if invoice is accounted / paid.

Goods Receipt Tracking

Vendors gets acknowledged once buyers receive Goods.

Payment tracking

Effective Automatic Mail triggers to notify the stakeholders on important transaction.

Ticketing System

Two-way communication between Buyer and Vendor is enabled for support, complaint & escalations.

SAP ERP Integration

Vendor performance evaluated based on QDC (quality / delivery / cost) and made available in the dashboard to both buyers and vendors.

Analytics & Dashboard

Dashboard with interactive visual analytics help you to make intelligent, strategic decisions based on these insights.


Various reports from compliance to delivery tracking to invoice settlement is available.