Case Study Details

Supply Chain Made Faster & Better

Digital Vendor Management System provided for the leading FMCG in India and UAE


Client owns a professionally managed corporate with 34,000 employees. The group has a strong presence in Abrasives, Engineering and Cycles, Bio-Products, Sanitary ware, Plantations, Sugar, Farm inputs, Finance, General insurance & Nutraceuticals.


The client needs an online vendor portal application to create stronger relationships with their vendors and to make better decision- making with readily accessible real-time data.

What We Did

ANGLER developed a vendor portal application that would facilitate our client’s administrators to manage vendor database, set business unit wise module privileges to the vendors, view advance/delayed shipment notes shared by the vendors, quotation given by the vendors, queries posted by the vendors and much more. With this application client can permit authenticated vendors to login into their panel and post advance / delayed shipment notes, view order status, ticker & billboard messages, download various PDF documents.

Technologies Used.

  • Create Loyal relationship
  • Manage vendor data in a centralized repository
  • Increase Administrative efficiencies
  • Expedite and streamline vendor communication
  • Automates labor-intensive tasks
  • Eliminate disputes & Increases ROI