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Ticketing System in Vendor Portal Increases Efficiency & Communication between Stakeholders

Ticketing System in vendor portal


A leading manufacturer of home appliances was looking for a solution to streamline their communication between buyers and sellers active in their vendor management system. They were using the vendor portal to facilitate their business process. This would help track the PO and Invoice in their vendor management system. They needed to organize and streamline their business communication via the portal.

Problem Outline

A module was required in the vendor portal solution to streamline and track the business communication happening between stakeholders in the system. It was observed that communication with their vendors through external means where emails are in bits & pieces are difficult to trace and retrieve them in future. Emails are not consolidated on a particular subject which is required for organizing the flow of incoming and outgoing emails. The disorganization leads to delay in approvals and payments which is not healthy for the production process in a competitive home appliances marketplace.

Solution Summary

Our executives had a discussion with the client’s representatives to understand their pain points regarding the communication behind the transactions taking place in the portal. The team decided that a module had to be enabled for this purpose with a ticketing feature that would organize and track the communication via categories. The client sought the addition of the ‘Ticket’ module for the email system, which Vendora could enable in the vendor management portal. So, a single hub was enabled where all stakeholders can view the email related to particular subject. The provision of ticketing system in the portal prevents miscommunication between buyers and vendors as the Vendor Relations Management system is the portal where transparency of data between buyer and vendor are possible to streamline the process. Users can create a ticket against a buyer in the module using a template to fill in the details. The selected buyer too will get the ticket via the portal. Users can view the tickets in an Inbox, listed as relevant to them and displays the count of tickets too. The tickets are supported by Tags which are formats relevant to them and displays a list related to the process, which are Invoice, PO Schedule, Schedule Change Request, etc. The ticketing system would channel the communication gaps between stakeholders and help to access related data available on a single portal, giving accuracy and reducing paper or manual work to nearly nil. The vendor portal of Vendora allows customization and scalability to meet the changing needs of stakeholders Now a user can avoid multiple follow-ups between contractor, buyer & supplier. The online vendor management system, single window communication channel that works in real-time. This new ticketing feature system and module can be incorporated in the existing supplier management application of the client.


  • Save substantial amount of time for stakeholders
  • Unnecessary phone communication and paperwork avoided
  • Simplify email tracking via the vendor management portal
  • Bridges communication gap between vendors, buyers and others
  • Access via single entry point for access by all business units or departments
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Client Testimonial

By adding the Ticketing module has helped suppliers and vendors avoid multiple communication and follow-ups; it allows them to track the purchase order or invoices in real-time under the relevant subject or contract via the portal.

——— Head of Operations, Home Appliances Manufacturing Division