Case Study Details

Supply Chain Made Faster & Better

Efficient Vendor Issue Resolution through our Ticketing System



We were approached by a prominent Electronics and Home Appliances manufacturer with a large network spread across India. The client faced critical issues in communication, materials tracking, and payment delays within their supply chain using a ticketing system or a support request platform.

Problem Outline

  1. Tracking Delays: Materials and payments tracking were often delayed, causing operational setbacks.
  2. Absence of Ticketing System: No systematic ticketing system for transactions, payments and dispatching.
  3. Communication Gap: Lack of effective communication between buyers and vendors.

Solution Summary

Vendora’s ticketing system helped to elevate the client’s business by implementing a viable solution. The focus of the solution was on achieving.
  • Efficient Payment and Materials Tracking: The implementation of a robust ticketing system allowed for real-time tracking of payments and materials, ensuring a streamlined and clearer supply chain process.
  • Centralized Communication: A portal was designed for both buyers and vendors to facilitate seamless communication.
  • Historical Record-Keeping: The vendor system ensured a comprehensive record of all communications, enabling historical data tracking and analysis.
  • Automated Notifications: Users received automated notifications for any actions taken on their tickets, reducing follow-up time.


  • Leveraging advanced technology, the system efficiently tracked payments and materials
  • The solution was highly scalable and adaptable, catering to businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations
  • The introduction of the ticketing system drastically reduced the need for phone and email communications
  • Communication and payment tracking were seamlessly integrated into the vendor portal, reducing follow-up time for buyers and vendors
  • The system’s operational continuity ensured a steady supply of raw materials, preventing production stoppages due to communication gaps

Client Testimonial

Vendora’s ticketing management solution transformed our vendor management, streamlining communication and processes. The ticketing system reformed and updated our operations, ensuring timely materials and payments with remarkable efficiency.

——— Supply Chain Manager, Home Appliances Manufacturing Division