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Raising Single ASN for Multiple Purchase Orders on the Vendor Management Portal

Multiple Purchase Orders


Our client is a prominent Elevators and Escalators Manufacturer, a key player in the industry. They operate on a global scale and have a significant presence in the local market. As an industry leader, they prioritize efficiency and accuracy in their supply chain operations to maintain a competitive edge.

Problem Outline

The client faced significant challenges related to Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) management in their procurement process. Their specific pain points included:

  1. Challenge in Maintenance of Single Vendor ASN Submission: Managing a single Advanced Shipping Notice against multiple Purchase Orders (PO) was a time-consuming and error-prone task in their vendor order fulfillment process.
  2. Data Deviation in Simplified ASN Process: Data discrepancies frequently occurred while maintaining a single ASN for multiple purchase orders, leading to inaccuracies in their procurement records.

Solution Summary

The client needed an effective and user-friendly solution to address these pain points and enhance their vendor management portal’s capabilities. Our solution was developed using CakePHP and MySQL, ensuring robust and reliable performance for the client’s specific needs in vendor ASN submission. We provided them with a comprehensive solution that met their needs.

  1. Streamlined ASN Submission: We introduced a feature allowing the client to raise a Single ASN for Multiple Purchase Orders. This streamlined the ASN submission process and thus reduced the need for multiple ASN entries, saving time and resources spent in vendor order management.
  2. User-Driven Process Model: Our solution incorporated a user-driven process model within the interface, preventing common errors and ensuring accuracy in vendor ASN creation and submission.
  3. Single Entry Process: Instead of requiring multiple data entries, we simplified the process, allowing for a single entry in the simplified ASN process. This saved valuable user time and indirectly reduced operational costs for the company in following ASN best practices


  • Enhanced Efficiency in Vendor Order Fulfilment: By enabling the client to raise a single ASN for Multiple Purchase Orders in their system, we saved significant time and reduced the workload associated with vendor order execution, ensuring effective planning.
  • Error Reduction in Vendor ASN Submission: The user-driven process model minimized data deviation and errors in vendor ASN submission, leading to more accurate procurement records.
  • Cost Savings in Vendor Management Portal: The time saved in procurement through our streamlined solution translated to cost savings for the company in vendor management.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We leveraged cutting-edge technology that is ahead of the curve in the industry, enhancing their process in vendor order management.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team promptly addressed any client issues, strengthening the client-vendor relationship in vendor ASN submission.
  • Scalability: Our approach is highly scalable, and suitable for businesses of various sizes, from small companies to enterprise-level organizations, in vendor order management

Client Testimonial

The vendor management portal’s new functionality, developed by your team is an invaluable enhancement that has truly transformed accuracy of our operations !!

——— Vendor Management Director