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VMS Empowered Procurement Management to improve OTIF Service Levels



The client belongs to paint manufacturing industry in India. The client has a wide network of distributors, direct dealers, retailers and service centres spread across the country with a wide product range catering to the needs of the market.

Problem Outline

The client had an existing vendor portal but was not satisfied with its functioning as it did not offer certain features critical to vendor management. Even though there is an email alert in the portal, many of their vendors do not check emails frequently. They had difficulty in monitoring the material availability at various level of the supply chain. The client wanted data related to stock that can be fetched from the ERP system and also shown in the portal. The company wanted to improve the TAT of the procurement management process.

Solution Summary

We had to overcome the above challenges, as the client needed a secured vendor portal. Our team set about to make the changes such that data related to stock available can be fetched from the ERP system and shown in the portal conveniently. Further, WhatsApp application was integrated to the system to avoid communication gap between stakeholders to bring about more visibility and clarity for operations. It also helps to bring down TAT in the procurement management process.

Vendora, helps the client to avoid multiple follow-ups being done between buyer & supplier, to integrate with ERP/SAP system and allows customization to meet their needs. Now with this electronic vendor management system, single window communication is made possible. Most of vendor management applications have email and SMS alerts and there is a possibility of missing the alert/notification; whereas this Vendor portal has a feature where messages/notifications can be seen immediately via WhatsApp application. Companies going for a digitized procurement management process get a competitive edge with their stronger customer focus and gaining the agility to satisfy the rapidly changing customer requirements.


  • Integrated with WhatsApp
  • Integration with your ERP system
  • Monitoring stock data in real-time
  • Simplifies supply chain tracking activities
  • Saves significant amount of data entry time
  • Digitizes procurement management process
  • Bridges communication gap between vendors
  • Access a single-entry point for all business units


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Client Testimonial

This solution actually frees employees and vendors from tiresome manual work and uses WhatsApp to update and communicate conveniently in real-time, which is productive.

——— VP of Procurement, Manufacturing Division