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Supply Chain Made Faster & Better

Visibility of data by providing logins to various stakeholders made feasible in Vendor Management System



A leading manufacturer of Aluminium Doors and Windows were on the lookout for a solution to streamline vendor management system, which needs to provide more communication between stakeholders.

Problem Outline

The client was seeking a vendor management solution that would provide visibility of data for various stakeholders logging in to the application. At present their system is not able to combine details like transport details, freight forwarder and CHA agency details in a single report. Thus the system needs to provide the visibility of data to the transporter and CHA agency. The client sought provisions of logins for transporters and other stakeholders to bring about more transparency on data regarding the purchase orders placed, the payments and invoices made.

Solution Summary

Our team had to assimilate the requirement to overcome the above challenges, as the client needed transparency for various stakeholders by providing unique logins respectively. Providing of logins to various stakeholders would arrest miscommunication and gaps that can happen between them and help them to access the data available in a single portal. Vendor Management System is the portal where transparency of data between buyer, vendor, transporter and CHA agency are made possible. This customization makes the portal more secure and user friendly for all stakeholders involved. When there is less paper work, possibility of miscommunication is less, Time consumption is less due to elimination of manual work. A vendor management portal like Vendora helps the client to avoid multiple follow-ups done between buyer & supplier, helps to integrate with ERP and allows customization to meet the needs of stakeholders. Now with this online electronic vendor management system, single window communication is made possible in real-time basis.


  • Simplifies supply chain tracking activities via portal
  • Bridges communication gap between vendors, buyers and others
  • Integration with your ERP system is easy
  • Easy monitoring of stock data in real-time
  • Saves significant amount of data entry time
  • Digitizes procurement management process
  • Access by single-entry point for all business units


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Client Testimonial

This customizable vendor management application frees up time of employees and vendors. No more communication gaps and freedom from tiresome manual work. Support on a mobile app to update and communicate conveniently in real-time, which is productive .

——— Head of Operations, Manufacturing Division