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RFQ Document Management Module optimizes Procurement Process & Increases Efficiency

RFQ document management Module


Client is an industry leading provider of Elevators, Escalators, Auto walks & Travellators across countries. They are renowned for their commitment to ensure smooth running of the equipment & for serving clients throughout the life-cycle of the elevator or escalator.

Problem Outline

Client used to invite new potential suppliers or service companies to submit price quote for the products / service they do and they onboard selected one’s to become a part of their eco system. Actually their pain was manually consolidating various quote from different vendor, comparing them & selecting the lowest quote was time consuming. Further communicating with vendors for follow up and decision making was tedious.

Solution Summary

To automate this tedious RFQ process and centrally manage all vendor and supplier contract & pricing they approached us, we provided them with Vendora’s RFQ document management module – most user friendly & secured web-based software. Here they can centralize vendor and supplier contracts, digitize the agreement & contract documents and optimize their process to gain flexibility, reduce errors and increase efficiencies.
  • Vendor management software helps buyers to easily find the best vendor for their needs much more quickly and easily
  • Streamline the buying process and make better use of their resources and time, which is very important for businesses
  • This RFQ document management module helps buyers to avoid making an unwise choice, as they can compare quotations before selecting a supplier
Our Vendor Management Software application helps buyers digitize their sourcing, eliminates the need for back-and-forth requests for clarification in procurement management.


  • Easily track & compare all procurement related document
  • Collaborate & log communication with stakeholders
  • Significantly reduces time to process and select the best vendor
  • User friendly dash boarding and analysis tools

Client Testimonial

RFQ document management module integration in Vendor Management Software helped us to easily compare the quotes offered by each supplier and make informed decisions.

——— Head of Procurement, Manufacturing Division