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Supply Chain Made Faster & Better

Benefits of Digital Purchase Order Management Software with Delivery Schedule & Supply Forecast

Digital Purchase Order Management Software


Leading Automotive Parts manufacturing company in India is focusing on adopting various automation and technology that strengthen them to position as leaders in their industry.

Problem Outline

Looking to digitize procurement management by leaving out the paper-based procurement model and avoid unnecessary complications stemming from unreliable manual processes.  They were in need of a Digital Purchase Order Management Software that has both delivery schedules for the current month and one that facilitates them to process the supply chain forecast for the upcoming months..

Solution Summary

We enabled the client to leverage our Vendor Portal “Vendora” that has built-in Purchase Order Management Software feature wherein they could maintain the issued purchase orders with schedules and forecast. By implementing this effective tool, they could address the complex issues faced by procurement managers. Following the digitalized templates, they could ensure smooth collaboration with vendors, besides avoid misunderstandings. Now the work flow is automated & the client is able to gain insights on to vendor performance. By possessing this data, they could analyze the KPIs that matter and select the best vendor for each transaction. Bottlenecks in current process is arrested & approvals are received on the go. Smart alerts received eliminates inefficiencies and helps optimize their spending.

Benefits of Digital Purchase Order Management Software
  • Possessing up to date information cuts back on unnecessary inquiries
  • Replaces time-consuming manual entry of information in multiple places
  • Collaboration with procurement partners centralized enables them to gain better control
  • Helps them to make informed purchase decision & get a better understanding of spending


Leverage our vendor management automation software and to bridge the gap between the vendors and suppliers for forecasting, submit a demo request.


Client Testimonial

Having Vendora’s digital purchase order management software in place, we are able to adopt a holistic approach towards procurement, it helped us remove administrative burden, monitor vendor performance & track purchase order/ Invoice billing payment etc in real-time. We made the most out of the features of this digital PO software and to be able to resolve quality issues, improve response times, reactions to order revisions and improve customer satisfaction.

——— Head of Procurement, Automotive Parts Manufacturing Division – India