Case Study Details

Supply Chain Made Faster & Better

Custom Vendor Management Application for Electrical & Electronic Goods Manufacturer in India



The client is a pioneer manufacturer & seller of robust electrical and electronic goods in India. Beginning with a very small investment and working support, the manufacturing industry has been set-up & in few decades they grew into a leader in the industry. They are now into manufacturing voltage stabilizers, digital UPS, inverters, water heaters, etc all across South India.

  • Importable & exportable records
  • User friendly dashboard for Forecast
  • Seamless communication & Data synchronization


The client needs a Vendor Management ApplicationPortal for their manufacturing industries. The system must incorporate their fundamental functioning structures like as purchase forecast, purchase order, purchase order schedule, invoicing, status of GRN/QA/Invoice/Payment, purchase intend for SSI vendors(OEM) etc The system should also have separate log-ins for user such as Admin, Buyer Module Users and Vendors.

What We Did

Analyzing the requirements from the client, ANGLER came up with the solution of providing a custom vendor management application that has 3 modules as Admin, Buyer and Vendor that meets their requirements. Administrator module of the web application has master access to entire modules to manage courses & its materials, manage authors, students / participants, etc. Buyer user module has access to entire buyer module such as manage forecast / purchase orders, invoices etc along with two-way messaging system for seamless communication. Vendor module’s access comprises of limited approach similar to that of Buyer’s module with change request options.

Technologies Used


  • Custom importable & exportable records
  • Communicate SAP and Sync Data Automatically
  • Privileges for Buyer & Vendor from Forecast to Invoice & Payments