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Automated Vendor Onboarding & PO Transactions Software for Torq Transfer System Manufacturer

PO Transactions Software


A leading group with complete capability to design, develop, customize, manufacture, supply and support customer base in India and world’s leading OEMs with a variety of specialized and highly engineered solutions.

Problem Outline

Procurement head had a challenge in managing the multiple login of a single vendor, maintaining the various quality manual documents uploaded by vendors, doing monthly and annual forecast, payment invoice communication, PO Transactions and vendor performance evaluation.

Solution Summary

We provided them our automated vendor onboarding & PO Transactions software – Vendora, it enabled them to meetup with their needs, especially overcome the pains they had with their vendors and build a relationship with their suppliers and service providers
  • We helped them to seamlessly migrate from paper to digital, share relevant information transparently with vendors and regularly communicate commitment and fix up both side priorities
  • Provision to upload contract documents, set remainder on contract expiry and ensure that vendors adhere to the SLAs
  • Get a holistic view of vendor performance through a periodic formal vendor evaluation using a vendor scorecard, that reflects the vendor compliance policy issues if any they had with the vendor
  • Privileged user mapping to ensure that their access level isn’t being misused or abused. for exerting control over elevated access and permissions for users, accounts, and processes


  • 360o Overview of supplier data & performance reports
  • Compare quality, capability & costing of each vendor solution
  • Maintain unified supplier record with a high degree of confidence
  • Strengthens supplier collaboration & increase value across supply chain
  • Speed up supplier on boarding & work in real-time with complete visibility


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