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Home Appliance Industry

A drift from regional to global supply chain processes is adding complication to the home appliance supply chain at an unprecedented level, driving a growing need for automation and collaboration. The home appliance industry is highly customer centric, with electronics companies being engaged in a perpetual battle between demand variability and supply variability.

Need for A solution

When the demand rises from customer’s end, the products, turned out in a new avatar, equipped with improved features are put out for costumer’s to buy. The game ultimately is about developing appealing products and delivering them in the least turnaround time, with the only question being about volume and distribution strategies. The issue with such a level of demand projection is the uncertainty in demand variables. This takes us to a few key questions that need to be answered as soon as possible.
  • How precisely would the home appliances meet the projected demand dates?
  • Can the company be made aware of the impending demand immediately?
  • Would the demand rise in a direction favorable to the company?
  • Is the company prepared to respond to the spike in demand for future?
To tackle all these problems on demand, the supply to our production is key and on-time. A system needs to be put in place that can empower to address all the vendor and supplier related problems. Vendora has all the capabilities that are proven to provide competitive advantage for organizations that drive efficiencies in the vendor management life cycle.

Business Benefits

  • Automates Supplier Onboarding and evaluation
  • Manage Diverse Vendors across globe
  • Scalability & Adaptability of system
  • Easy Administration of buyer and Vendor transactions
  • Improve Transparency between us and the suppliers
  • Establish a defined digital collaboration process with suppliers

Critical Capabilities

  • Vendor can view the purchase orders & confirm the same
  • Expected delivery schedule plans / split ups can be conveyed to vendors
  • Upon shipment, Vendor can share ASN to buyers on the fly, with logistic details
  • Quality check for both raw materials and finished goods can be captured
  • Vendor can create invoice and uploading mandatory documents, and also to get to know if invoice is accounted / paid
  • Effective Automatic Mail triggers to notify the stakeholders on important transaction
  • Dashboard with interactive visual analytics help you to make intelligent, strategic decisions based on these insights
  • Incorporated with various MIS reports from compliance to delivery tracking to invoice settlement etc

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