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EPC Industry

From the long time back Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industries are moving towards SCM philosophy in order to make organization effective and more efficient. The main drive behind the adoption of this philosophy was the successes within other industry sectors. SCM is to produce quality and value in the services and products for the end consumers through integrated processes and activities. In order to achieve the optimized level of integration of the whole supply chain, the industry has to respond in various forms. One of the efforts is the change in procurement, from traditional to latest trends by adapting technology changes in procurement supply chain management activities. Vendora has the features that require smooth communication between the suppliers and make the entire procurement process on track. Vendors are informed about the project forecast for a stipulated time and keep the supply on time. Quality check is completely automated and invoice can be adjusted towards debit or credit note.

Solution Offerings

  • Buyers can intimate the forecast to vendors and get confirmation
  • Vendor can view the purchase orders released by buyers
  • Mutually agree with delivery schedule and come out with plans / split ups
  • Capture Quality check for both raw materials and finished goods
  • Vendor can create/upload invoice along with uploading mandatory documents, and get to know if invoice is accounted / paid
  • Effective Automatic Mail triggers to notify the stakeholders on important transaction
  • Vendor performance evaluated based on QDC (quality / delivery / cost) and made available in the dashboard to both buyers and vendors.
  • Dashboard with interactive visual analytics help you to make intelligent, strategic decisions based on these insights.


  • Manage Diverse Vendors
  • Manage diverse projects
  • Scalability & Adaptability based on industry need
  • Improved Transparency between suppler and the company
  • Arrest communication gap there by increase turnaround time (TAT)
  • Great return on investment
  • Get rid of manual mistakes with fully automated solution

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