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Discrete Manufacturing

VENDORA for manufacturing companies gives organisations better control and visibility into the procurement process for manufacturing. Focus of discrete manufacturers is on cutting costs by reducing waste and cutting down the time for production is essential. A typical vendor management software will support lean manufacturing by matching the inflow of parts, materials and components with the production of discrete manufacturers. This sourcing and procurement tool helps in supplier collaboration and co-innovation. Vendora provides you the end-to-end ERP solution with powerful capabilities to address complex sourcing requirement for the discrete manufacturing industry.

Multiple Benefits for Discrete Manufacturing

  • Vendora supplier management portal improves your sourcing efficiency with automation and planning, using analytics with visibility to improve profitability.
  • Build on your strategic supplier relationships, improve collaboration with them using the portal
  • Reduce your risks and liabilities by monitoring supply risks using data driven insights related to supplier performance, delivery time, etc.
  • Build solid sourcing strategies built on the complete visibility offered by the vendor management software solution.
  • Reduce time to market and ensure quality by sustaining supplier relationship and vendor score-card.
  • Easily on-board suppliers as per segment and quality to manage their performance and compliance with this comprehensive tool
  • Optimise inventory control by collaborating with suppliers based on long-term forecasting to drive down inventory costs.
  • Gain full visibility into inventory owned by you, managed by suppliers whether in transit, at your site, or the contract manufacturer’s site.
  • Enable multi-tier supplier collaboration that includes contract manufacturers and nonlinear or external supply chains with great visibility.
  • This vendor management system can help you integrate to any back-end system and supply chain solutions.
  • Track and monitor Engineering and Design changes to plan sourcing activities and eliminate errors of a manual process.

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