Supply Chain Made Faster & Better

Enhance your Supply Chain Operations post to Covid-19 with Vendora

 26 Apr 2020

Manufacturing is a far complex compared to earlier days, as sub-components essential to assemble a single final product is sourced from several places across the globe. Now in 2020, the situation for manufacturers has become even more challenging with the COVID-19 outbreak. In the wake of COVID-19, supply chain companies…

Top Features to Weigh when considering a Right Vendor Management Software

 10 Mar 2020

Companies working with vendors must necessarily have a Contracted Service Management system in place to handle the complexities, measure the performance. A wide variety of software solutions are available; to make the best purchasing decision you have to assess & specify your system requirement. In recent times, it’s becoming an area…

How a Vendor Management Portal help Companies work Competent?

 17 Feb 2020

Organizations no longer find excel sufficient for managing hundreds, thousands of vendors and so looks for software that would be ideal. Apparently in today’s digital world owning a Vendor Management software becomes a must have solution to do business. By integrating this tool business can vividly increase vendor collaboration and…

Game-changing experience for FMCG’s through Supplier Relationship Management

 13 Feb 2020

FMCG industry clients depend on multitude of third party vendors and suppliers for their inventory. To improve efficiency of store and retrieve vendor information through a centralized database streamline all interactions between you and your suppliers. Integrated Supplier Relationship Management Software solutions are critical for business like FMCG that has…

How Vendor Relationship Management Software could Drive Efficiency for your Businesses

 13 Feb 2020

In today’s competitive environment any organization willing to gain increased value from their vendors need to manage their relationships by adopting best- of-breed technology. Technology makes a significant impact on Vendor relationship management by establishing transparency and preventing miscommunication. Vendora’s Supply Chain Management software allows organizations to simplify the process,…

Vendor Portal Management System

 24 Aug 2019

Simplify your business processes and easily create stronger relationships with your vendors by collaborating with them in a secure, online environment. Vendor self-registration automates Vendor on-boarding Communicate in real time with vendors and suppliers Reduced cycle time & possibilities to improve your business Helps you to keep your master data…