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Overcome Procurement Challenges with an Integrated Vendor Management System

Integrated Vendor Management System

Construction Industry focus on managing a variety of different vendors, like those delivering bricks, concrete, electrical supplies etc. Any delay in delivery of these goods will affect total productivity & project timeline. To overcome cost, quality & delivery related procurement management challenges, a procurement manager of the business need to collect vendor data, keep track & proactively manage them efficiently to prevent them from occurring in the future?

Provides the Transparency

Businesses need to implement an integrated Vendor Management System or Supplier Relationship Management Software into their procurement workflow process to improvise the process efficiency.  Implementing this will enable procurement heads to keep track of the vendors Sales level agreement documents reviewed and evaluated upon until the deal gets completed.

Enhances Buyer Vendor Collaboration

With a right Vendor Management Software in place businesses can streamline workflows gain complete spend visibility, on- demand supplier credentials critical for the successful of any construction project. This secure channel with 360-degree view of all supplier-related data ensure the quality of their supplies. Having this tool, procurement heads could analyze & optimize spend, eliminate non-performers, and add value by investigating & correcting issues as needed.

Enables take Risk Mitigation Steps

Our integrated Vendor Management System (VMS) is custom designed to define the Procure-to-Pay(also known as Purchase to Pay (P2P)) process essential to purchase the goods and services needed for doing business.  By centralizing you could manage accurate information, Cost incurred, Quality compliance & Delivery Time related risks that sprout in procurement Contract firms & prevent from occurring.

To centralize communication, forecast supply time, assess vendor quality contact us. Our Vendora product will support procurement teams to establish workflows, minimize delays, waste, and inefficiencies.