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4 Simple steps to remove the Hassle out of Vendor Management


Vendor onboarding, contacts storage, compliance documentation, updating risk mitigation documents, streamlining communication process, performance evaluation, and giving feedback can become a challenging process when businesses doesn’t have a system in place. Advancement in IT have significantly transformed the way we conduct business, migrating your pen-and-paper vendor management strategy to an electronic system will help remove hassles.

Digitalization is the solution that can facilitate the process of managing vendor. By using vendor management software, organizations can enhance operational efficiency, become more rapid, flexible and responsive to meet customer demand in real time for their vendor onboarding, ASN, GRN, PO, invoices tracking, procurement needs, P2P etc. Vendor Management System serves as the system that houses profiles for each of the organization vendors.

  • A key aspect of vendor-buyer management is building trust and mutual support, and choosing right tool is an excellent way of achieving that
  • Clearly state your business goals, set standards that vendors chosen vendors should meet, make sure key concerns get to the right people in a timely fashion
  • To establish rapport, open up a line of communication between you and the vendor over time, based on mutual respect for each other’s strategic goals and KPIs
  • Understand & work collaboratively towards mutually agreeable terms to commensurate reduction in service or product quality

Rather than relying on a manual system investing in automated vendor management software will let organizations to mitigate vendor risks, automate payables, and assess performance metrics. From supplier selection and onboarding, to vendor contracts and risk mitigation automation of process will help you forge a stronger bond, save time & money.

In an increasingly globalized and connected world, Vendora’s vendor management system will help stakeholders and business owners to overcome the complexities of vendor-buyer relations and aid to extract maximum value out of vendors. If you’re on the lookout for a web & mobile-based automated vendor management tool, contact us to get a Free Demo.