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Drive Efficiency in Vendor Management using a Flexible Technology Platform

Vendor Relationship Management
Last month we talked about Vendora using a Flexible Technology Platform, now we are going to explain how does an organization or business set up can make the best use of this technology platform to increase efficiency. In today’s highly competitive business environment Vendor Relationship Management is key to organizational efficiency and its management is a great challenge. The biggest headache in any business setup is maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with vendors. To ensure smooth process it’s important to invest in vendor management software that is capable of delivering value across your business. By lacking a formal process Vendor Management Software System, of course, is a key driver vital for SMB’s to maximize the benefits. With Vendora‘s digital Vendor Relationship Management Tool in place, OEM Companies can eliminate time-consuming manual processes, prevent agreement breaches, manage compliance for local and federal regulations and be proactive instead of being reactive in response. This ready to Install product will facilitate both Buyer & Vendor to express clear expectations, streamline their interactions & ensure the deadlines are met. Following are the key features that ensure alignment.
  • Get the forecast confirmed to Vendors
  • Get Purchase order either confirmed or rejected
  • Get delivery schedule plan agreed
  • Share the advanced shipment notification to the buyer
  • Get goods receipt note acknowledgement
  • Payment status notification from Buyer
To know more on the Vendor Management Software features that provide notifications of important transactions to stakeholders and enables to make intelligent, strategic decisions, attend our webinar Drive on ‘Drive efficiency in Vendor Relationship Management using a flexible technology platform’ scheduled on 20th February 2020 at 3:00 PM IST and is free.

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Who Should Attend this Webinar:
  • Leaders of manufacturing and distribution organizations responsible for driving operational efficiencies and finance workflows
  • Operations, Finance, IT, Production, Supply Chain
  • Anyone responsible for overall manufacturing process improvement
  • Procurement head, purchasing officers, materials manager, VP / Director of strategic sourcing
About Vendora Vendora from ANGLER Technologies is designed with customer interest in mind. This solution simplifies business processes and enables organizations to build a strong long- term relationship with vendors.