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Transforming Procurement Process empowered Automotive Industry Supplier to Address Risks

Transforming Procurement Process empowered Automotive Industry Supplier client to address risks
Automotive Supplier Industry client supplying automotive-specific parts and components directly to an OEM sought “Vendora”-Vendor Management Software solutions company to digitize Procurement process & eliminate all time-consuming procedures prevalent with manual operations. We provided them demo of our standard product Vendora to their IT head. Having found it taking of the unstructured processes with structured workflow, they found it as an ideal roadmap to transcend the legacy operational methods and decided to implement the application in their Organization. This adoption paved way to fix on problems like informational silos, inadequate data storage that was challenging for them to follow. Now by leveraging “Vendora’s” Procurement Process Management tool they could enhance supplier relations & communications, address risks by controlling every associated tasks that wasn’t possible earlier.
  • Supplier onboarding & vendor creation is generally a time consuming manual task in organizations
  • Purchase Orders accessibility from ERP to portal for both buyers and vendors helped achieve faster time to market
  • Helped achieve supply chain agility through improved visibility onto Vendor accepts, rejects and request for changes in PO
  • On Buyer confirmation to the PO, Vendor raises advance shipment notification (ASN) in portal before shipping, only after Buyer accepts the same vendor dispatches.
  • Both buyer and vendor can see the status of PO, ASN, Invoice, GRN and payment details in the portal
Adopting a Vendor Management Software should be the first step towards digitization for many procurement businesses, as it will allow them to maintain competitiveness and to sustain their growth path. If you would like to know more about our Vendor Management Software, you can contact us & book for a product demo.