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Drive efficiency in Vendor Management using Flexible Technology Platform

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In today’s business world, every company relies on third party vendor for critical services that their business look for. Managing your Vendor Relationship is highly essential for your success in the market, but doing it by traditional means is complex as the information is siloed and disconnected. So, to efficiently manage them & to get the best value for your money, you should enter digitization.

Digitizing vendor compliance processes is necessary to on-board vendors, track their performance, establish standards and terms of engagement. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have Vendor Management System in place to enhance interaction, prevent potential problem, measure progress, get feedback etc.

In this webinar, we provide you the ways how to drive efficiency in Vendor Supply Chain Management using a Flexible Technology Platform

To drive efficiencies & improve strategic flexibility, digitalize & handle all outsourcing contracts in a holistic and standardized way by using Vendora. It helps you to achieve maximum benefit from OEM, contracts/ suppliers. Business collaboration with newer players or established players grows over time and to benefit from this dynamic environment with more certainty unlocking the data and insights between the two parties is essential. For this, choose Vendora and ensure the competitive advantage in the long run.

It will be a high level discussion to digitalize & closely manage all vendors from the onset of the relationship

Key points of discussion

  • Improve vendor communication
  • Reduced Turn Around Time
  • Enables shipment tracking
  • Track PO’s, invoices & payment
  • Redressal addressing
  • Benefits of Digitization

Who should attend

Procurement head, purchasing officers, materials manager, VP / Director of strategic sourcing or other decision making authorities of any industrial / manufacturing sectors like electrical & electronics appliances, home appliances, petrochemicals, fertilizers, etc who are looking to Drive efficiency in Vendor Management with a flexible technology platform can attend our Free Webinar

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