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Supply Chain Made Faster & Better

Game-changing experience for FMCG’s through Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management
FMCG industry clients depend on multitude of third party vendors and suppliers for their inventory. To improve efficiency of store and retrieve vendor information through a centralized database streamline all interactions between you and your suppliers. Integrated Supplier Relationship Management Software solutions are critical for business like FMCG that has huge volume of products & movements of goods. Vendor base management is a process that comprises of vendor selection, risk assessment, contract negotiation, on-boarding, and managing performance and monitoring / mitigating risk. By integrating Vendora VMS software FMCG companies can manage vendors and PO’s to the fullest, get a broader picture of the risk level, negotiate better rates and have access to discounts and incentives that increase the profit margin. Game-changing experience include
  • Create a standardized vendor management process to increase efficiency
  • Manage Vendor relationship throughout the entire supply chain life cycle
  • Centralize database for easy review & improved decision-making
  • Ensure both business and vendors meet all requirements of a contract
Analysis at every stage of the product supplier life-cycles by viewing dashboard reports and reducing the supply and demand by increasing availability of the desired product when customer wants it. To know more details about our Supplier Relationship Management Software solution for FMCG service companies contact us.