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Subcontractor Management Module in Vendor Management Portal benefits both Buyers & Vendors

Sub-contractor Management Module development
Managing vendors is an important part of operations for most companies. Any organizations preferring to utilize additional skilled technicians for all types of maintenance and project jobs can outsources parts of its manufacturing to subcontractors, where raw material/semi-finished material will be sent to vendor to have a finished product. To allocate task, manage, pay & collaborate with subcontractor businesses can make use of Vendor management portal. Here you can onboard subcontractors and outsource works to third party for great service on your behalf. This vendor management portal lets you to source from multiple suppliers, seamlessly communicate & collaborate with them via a centralized portal (subcontractor management module). Subcontractors can check in & use this vendor portal to update status of the work orders received, also see to if any new work orders are assigned to them & if so can accept on the spot. Ofcourse, often there will be situations in which the scope of work changes unexpectedly. Communicating these alterations as quickly as possible in this centralized platform arrests communication gap & ensures to create forecasts and keep on track.
  • Easily opening up your work to the market and accept bids/quotes from subcontractors / third-party vendors
  • This is one of the best tool to meet your agreements with subcontractors as laid out in their original bid for the job
  • Save time on manual efforts & reduce errors from document management to team collaboration for the entire project
  • Simplifies project management, automates workflow, payments & improves sub-contractor evaluation process
  • Subcontractor performance issues are often managed through the SCAR (Supplier Corrective Action Report) process
  • Every stage PO has multiple level of approvals. Once approved, Invoices can be created & payment process is initiated
  • streamlined purchase order approval process, reduced risks, generates useful insights to make future plans
Vendora’s Vendor Management Portal enables Subcontractor management module too, If you are interested to implement this software request for a demo.