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Enhance Cost Savings & Reduce Operational Risks with Digital Vendor Management

Dealing with multiple vendors for different needs is not so easy, for this we have to leverage on a vendor management tool that helps drive more value out of vendor relationships. By installing this Vendor Management Software OEM companies can digitally maintain all contractors, contracts and manage the documentation associated with them to gain visibility & drive efficiency

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  • Vendor management
  • Vendor management
  • Vendor management
  • Vendor management
  • Vendor management
  • Vendor management

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    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vendor Management Software

    Is it possible to integrate with any ERP?

    Yes, Vendora can be integrated with any ERP system (SAP, Oracle Etc.), the method of data pull / push is primarily via exporting the data in the CSV format and importing into our system. This is a very generic one which is applicable to any ERP / legacy system.

    Is it mobile friendly?

    Yes, Vendora vendor management system is a mobile responsive application, It can be accessed using any mobile browser say mobile chrome.

    Is customization possible?

    Vendora is very much customizable. We have covered the core. And open to incorporate / add on additional features pertaining to your business strategy / procedures. We can also amend / tweak the existing features if needed.

    Is it secured medium for vendor management?

    Vendora is a very secure system. the data is very sensitive when it comes to the any application. We usually keep the database out of the internet, making it available only to the application and not to the outside world.