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Vendor Portal Integration with ERP or SAP for PO Transactions

Vendor Portal Integration
Self-service portals are becoming a preferred medium for interacting with an organization due to its convenience. Vendor Management application also known as supplier portal ensures improved efficiency and long-term relationship in a cost-effective manner. ANGLER having known the challenges of managing vendors have developed an online Vendor Management Software application with features to address the existing procurement pain points. This vendor portal integration solution from ANGLER provides businesses an excellent opportunity to communicate & work with vendors in a safe and efficient online environment. Further, enables streamline their work flow by effective partnering and collaboration with vendors.

Key Functionalities of Vendor Portal Integration with ERP or SAP:

  • SAP Data output integration
  • Forecast Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Advance Shipping Notification(ASN) Management
  • GRN update from SAP
  • Invoice Management
  • Payment updation from SAP
  • Bulk upload / download option using CSV
  • Two Way Messaging System (Ticketing)
  • Auto Mailer for actions
ANGLER’s Vendor Portal Integration with other enterprise systems such as ERP, SAP enables both Organisation & its Vendor to have their data at their fingertips. The requirements for information transparency, symmetric real-time data, on-going communication and action traceability are enabled to execute business effectively. The system has separate logins for Admin, Buyer and Vendor and it significantly, with large numbers of vendors across operational areas you can reduce vendors inbound calls, forget the traditional email methods and gain enhanced efficiency, data visibility, and profitability. To empower your vendors to access their own, up to the minute report data contact us Our Vendor Portal System optimizes your collaboration supports “PO-flipping” and discrepancy remediation with e-invoicing.