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The Top Vendor Management Processes to Automate

vendor management process
In today’s time, dealing with the external vendors and suppliers remains a challenge for the organization. Since dealing with it manually seems cumbersome automation of it turns buyer- vendor relationship effective. To boost your business and get your vendors on board ANGLER introduces Vendora – Supply Chain Management Software that provides great benefits to large organizations seeking centralization. With our vendor management software, you can digitize the entire process and easily manage all relevant vendor data. By enabling this solution, you can view the current status of your contracts in real –time, as well other useful information’s that will enable make better decisions and save time.

Key product features are:

  • Collects & stores all relevant vendor information
  • Integrates with ERP systems
  • Generates intuitive reports
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Financial Reconciliation
  • Vendor Performance Rating
With above built in features Vendora serves different customer’s needs. Especially the vendor engagement, Project, Payroll management features helps quickly spot bottlenecks and achieve seamless experience. Our vendor management system will Improve all aspects of your vendor management program by keeping your master data accurate and up to date. A robust vendor management system is key factor for organisation that seek to reduce risks, make faster, smarter decisions. Do you want to automate your vendor management process, then seek no further, contact us We will help streamline & reduce the complexity in managing Suppliers / Vendors and empower you to provide a superior customer experience.